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Your Valentine’s Day Savior

Omne Diem Drink HD Valentine

Chocolate. Strawberries. Champagne.

A recipe for a Happy Valentine’s Day. Also a recipe for histamine reactions. Digestive distress. Flushed face/skin. Sneezing or congestion. Red, watery eyes. Rapid heart rate (not caused by love and adoration).

We’ve got your back with Omne Diem™ Drink HD, your Valentine’s Day wingman. Just a capsule or two with your celebratory treats can help save you from the discomfort of histamine overload.

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy your amorous adventures with the added assistance of Drink HD, the natural solution for a good night out before, during and after you indulge.

Get it for just $14.99. Limited time offer.

Drink HD from Omne Diem neutralizes histamine from wine, beer, and liquor to defend against common alcohol-histamine reactions.*

  • Flushed, red face
  • “Wine headache”
  • Sneezing/congestion
  • Red, watery eyes
  • Digestive distress
  • Morning hangover 

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